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The Dude's guide to the BioVive

The Dude's guide to the BioVive

The Dude's Guide To BioVive 

The Bio Dude has created a new product to help put back the essential fungai, bacteria and minerals needed to keep your bioactive terrarium properly functioning for the life of your animal. Over your terrariums life span the plants and clean up crews can deplete essential minerals, nutrients and elements faster than the animals abd biological process’ can put it back into the soil.  While this doesn't hurt the enclosure immediately, it can create a bad soil quality over time, not giving your plants and substrate the best health they could have for long term success. 

BioVive is handcrafted and completely organic. Being 100% animal safe and can be used for any biome the Dude’s soil revitalizer is designed to be used in terrariums that have been established for longer than 6 months. It is important to use this product only after the terrarium has been established and running for over 6 months as it contains more nitrogen than Bioshot and can cause plant root burn and could damage your plants.  

Adding BioVive will work with the existing microbiological process’ and help reinforce the BioShot put into the terrariums substrate at the beginning of the bioactive terrarium build. The BioVive will help encourage new bacteria growth  among the existing bacterial and fungi processes, thus promoting healthier soil for your plants while re-establishing those lost elements for essential Nitrification and other essential backbone process’ for bioactive terrariums.  It is recommended to use the BioVive once every 6 months. 

The main essential minerals added back inside the enclosure with BioVive include: 


As the Clean up crew reproduces they will be the main source of calcium depletion, More so the isopods as it's a big part of their diet. BioVive helps give back just enough calcium  for the Clean up crew to stay established, as well as giving the soil what it needs to continue cycling for the plants. It is also great for Millipedes, Earwigs and other types of CUC. 


Nitrogen (very slow release) - This is important to prevent burning of the plants, while ensuring the plants get enough food for growth, development and healthy root systems. This is a key element for a healthy terrarium. 

-Magnesium Sulfate 

Magnesium sulfate helps maintain PH level while the soil cycles. It also helps the Nitrogen inside the Biovive to be a slow release to prevent plant root burn. 


Potassium is a part of the CO2 process needed for plants due to photosynthesis. As the plants use the potassium in the soil to grow it will need to be replaced so they can continue to flourish, making themselves the best hiding and climbing spots for your animals. 


Being that phosphorus has very specific requirements for use there is JUST the right amount inside the BioVive for plants to be able to absorb it, to make it work and make your green thumb that much bigger. 

-Mycorrhizal fungi 

As this fungi is attracted to plant roots through a symbiotic relationship, they break down organic matter and provide plants with more water to be able to absorb the nutrients easier. 

To Use

Disperse the BioVive throughout the top level of the substrate over the bioactive substrate and biodegradables. Mix in through the soil gently. As you continue to care for the enclosure with spraying and or daily misting through a system, and as the Clean up crew moves and travels throughout the enclosure the BioVive will sift through the lower levels of the soil mixing in and dispersing it as the soil cycles naturally. 

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