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Welcome to the Bio Dude's Veterinary Affiliate Page, your gateway to a wealth of invaluable resources! Here, you'll gain unrestricted access to a treasure trove of free and insightful information, including comprehensive care sheets, how-to articles, recommended vendors, and YouTube channels.

This platform has been exclusively curated to cater to Veterinarians, Vet Technicians, Zookeepers, and AZA facilities, offering printable, up-to-date, and exclusive husbandry information, care tips, and step-by-step guides. Our mission is to equip you with the tools you need to provide your clients with the best chance at success in caring for their animals.

As a 100% free service, we take pride in ensuring that our content is continually updated and rigorously audited, guaranteeing the most accurate and reliable information available as husbandry practices and standards evolve. As a valued member(an account is required), your facility can further elevate its experience by signing up to become a VIP, granting you access to the following extra perks:

  1. Printed Postcard Handouts: Empower your clientele with valuable information by ordering printed postcard handouts, designed to enhance their understanding of setting up bioactive environments.
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Bio Dude Handouts and FAQ cards

  1. Dude's guide to the Terra Flora
  2. Dude's guide to the Terra Fauna
  3. Dude's guide to the Terra Firma
  4. Dude's guide to the Terra Aranea
  5. Dude's guide to the Terra Sahara
  6. Dude's guide to setting up your KAGES enclosure
  7. Dude's guide to the BioVive
  8. Herps need vet care too

 Hows to set up a Bio Dude Habitat

  1. How do I set up my Terra Flora or Terra Fauna bioactive kit? 
  2. How do I set up my Terra Firma bioactive kit?
  3. How do I set up my Terra Aranea bioactive kit? 
  4. How do I set up my Terra Sahara bioactive kit?

Reptile and Amphibian Care Sheets


  1. Ball Python Care sheet
  2. Easten Hognose Snake Care Sheet
  3. Garter Snake Care sheet
  4. Corn Snake Care sheet 
  5. Western Hognose Snake Care sheet
  6. Kenyan Sand Boa Care sheet
  7. Rosy Boa Care sheet
  8. Boa Constrictor Care sheet
  9. Amazon Tree Boa Care Sheet
  10. California Kingsnake Care sheet
  11. Florida Kingsnake Care sheet
  12. Mexican Black Kingsnake Care Sheet
  13. Texas Rat Snake Care sheet 
  14. Honduran Milksnake Care Sheet
  15. Children's Python Care Sheet


  1. Leopard Gecko Care sheet 
  2. Crested Gecko Care sheet
  3. Gargoyle Gecko Care sheet
  4. Malaysian Cat Gecko Care Sheet
  5. Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) Care Sheet
  6. African Fat Tail Gecko Care sheet
  7. Rhacodactylus Leachianus Care sheet
  8. Tokay Gecko Care sheet 
  9. Western Banded Gecko Care sheet
  10. Giant Day Gecko Care sheet 
  11. Viper Gecko Care sheet 


  1. Bearded Dragon Care sheet 
  2. Blue Tongue Skink Care sheet
  3. Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink Care sheet
  4. Crocodile Gecko Caresheet
  5. Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua gigas gigas) Care Sheet
  6. Northern Blue Tongue Skink Care sheet
  7. Eastern Blue Tongue Skink Care sheet 
  8. Merauke Blue Tongue Skink Care sheet
  9. Fire Skink Care sheet 
  10. Peters Banded Skink Care sheet
  11. Argentine Tegu Care sheet 
  12. Ackie Monitor Care sheet
  13. Green Iguana Care sheet
  14. Red Eye Crocodile Skink Care sheet 


Thank you Chameleon Academy for the following wonderful care sheets. 

  1. Veiled Chameleon Care sheet 
  2. Jackson Chameleon Care sheet 
  3. Panther Chameleon Care sheet


  1. Red Eye Tree Frog Care sheet 
  2. Poison Dart Frog Care sheet
  3. White's Tree Frog Care sheet 
  4. Pacman Frog Care sheet 
  5. Tomato Frog Care Sheet

Turtles and Tortoises: 

  1. Aquatic Turtle Filters 101
  2. Red Ear Slider Turtle Care sheet
  3. Sulcata Tortoise Care sheet
  4. Greek Tortoise Care sheet 
  5. Russian Tortoise Care sheet 
  6. Musk Turtle Care sheet 


  1. Dwarf Caiman Care sheet


Bioactive habitats in specific species:

  1. Bioactive and Crested Geckos 
  2. Bioactivity and White's Tree Frogs
  3. Bioactive and Ball Pythons
  4. Bioactivity and Leopard Geckos
  5. Bioactivity and Bearded Dragons


Bioactive Terraria FAQS and Tricks

  1. Introduction to Bioactive Terrarium
  2. Commercial VS DIY bioactive substrates 
  3. Why is Coco Fiber not a good long-term substrate? 
  4. A guide to clean up crew and bioactive terrariums
  5. Biosecurity and Bioactive. What does it mean?
  6. Understanding Fungal Growth in Bioactive Terrariums and How to Address It
  7. What to expect as your bioactive terrarium progresses
  8. Drainage layers and bioactive terrariums
  9. How do I drain my drainage layer? 
  10. Yes you CAN have an arid bioactive terrarium!
  11. Mixing vs Layering Your Biodegradables — Which Works Better?
  12. Keeping your desert plants alive. Turn that black thumb into a GREEN thumb! 
  13. The quick guide to live plant care
  14. Help! There are ants in my enclosure!
  15. Why tannins are important for paludariums and aquariums
  16. How to remove snails from your bioactive habitat
  17. Why is Leaf Litter and other forms of biodegradables very important in your bioactive vivarium?
  18. Eliminating Fungus Gnats from your bioactive terrarium.
  19. How to build a waterfall for you vivarium 
  20. Can You Keep a Wild Reptile as a Pet

Basic Reptile & Husbandry Information 

  1. Questions to better help identify underlying issues.
  2. Introduction to UVB and why it is important 1/2
  3. Introduction to UVB and why it is important 2/2
  4. Does substrate cause impaction with reptiles? 
  5. What do I need to know before getting my first reptile?
  6. 24 Common signs and illnesses in Herps & what to do about it.
  7. Why you SHOULDN'T be using a Heat Mat for your reptile.  
  8. Reptile enrichment. Why it is just as important as proper husbandry 
  9. Best type of decor for reptiles and amphibians
  10. Best type of decor for arboreal reptile and amphibians 
  11. Reptiles Rock! And so do minerals. Why rocks are great for desert dwellers and bioactive terrarium 
  12. Is my terrarium large enough? What is the best rule of thumb for figuring out tank sizes for my herps? 
  13. How can I tell if my reptile is shedding? How do I help them have a complete shed?
  14. How to create feeding stations. Neonatal and immune-compromised animal feeding tricks. 
  15. 7 Easy ways to keep your herp healthy and happy
  16. 10 Common myths about reptiles and their care
  17. Dehydration and reptiles. How to tell if your herp is dehydrated and how to prevent it. 
  18. What is a photoperiod and why is a photoperiod so imperative to husbandry? 
  19. How do I care for a nocturnal vs diurnal reptile? 
  20. Reptile Vision. How different is it from ours and why is your lighting so important? 
  21. Red Bulbs and Reptiles. A big NO NO! 
  22. Best healthy edibles that you can plant in your bioactive enclosure
  23. 36 Edible flowers for herbivore reptiles! 
  24. Crickets, Roaches & Worms: Oh My! Why a Varied Diet is Essential for Reptiles
  25. Why reptiles need proper enclosure decor  
  26. Don't know where to place your Thermometer/Hygrometer?
  27. 6 Methods for Creating Beautiful Enclosure Backgrounds

Other helpful resources

  1. Healthy treat ideas for your carnivorous Reptile.
  2. How to properly utilize your supplements and gutloading
  3. 3 Treats your herbivore will go nuts for!
  4. Natural disasters and reptiles. How to be prepared for the worst. 
  5. Terrarium to gallon converter. How many gallons is my terrarium?
  6. Tips and tricks for reptile handling and positive association with keeper 
  7. Paludarium Trips and Tricks 101 
  8. Not all water is created equal. What type of water do I use for my aquatic reptiles? 
  9. 10 Weird and Wacky reptile adaptations and niches 
  10. Easy plants to grow with all levels of light that are animal safe! 
  11. How to introduce your children to Reptiles
  12. How to trim your Bearded Dragons Nails






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