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Springtails are tiny arthropods found in almost every eco-system of the planet. These tiny, quick creatures will breed in your Bio Dude bioactive terrarium with ease and will help aerate you substrate, benefit your live plants and provide a tasty snack for some  of your smaller critters, such as Poison Dart Frogs.

All Bio Dude springtail cultures are packaged in a sealed 6 ounce plastic container and are started 10-14 days prior to being available to you. Available in two species, Arid (giant white) and Humid (Folsomia Sp).


Springtails - This covers all springtail cultures shipped via methods that are not Fed Ex Express. Please note we only ship springtails Monday-Thursday. 

  • If shipped via Fed Ex Express 1 day, the Springtails are completely covered with a live arrival guarantee regardless of temperature. 
  • If shipped via any other means, such as USPS priority mail, Fed Ex Ground/Home Delivery springtail cultures have a live arrival guarantee as long as temperatures in your area are not lower than 30 degrees F or higher than 95 degrees F. 
  • Springtails are cultured on charcoal and sealed in a 6 ounce container. Upon arrival, if no springtails are noted in the culture the Bio Dude will ask you to open the culture for a few minutes, feed then reseal and wait for approximately 3 -5 days. With all live stages established in the culture eggs will hatch after arrival date with a whole new generation of springtails will be available. During transit, Carbon Dioxide can build up causing the adults to perish.
  • In the event the culture does not recuperate, the Bio Dude will offer a full refund of the culture at his discretion as long as all above guidelines are met with temperature and giving the culture the time to recuperate. 

Isopods and Springtail Cultures

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