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The Bio Dude Inc Careers




The Bio Dude is a smaller business located in Webster (Houston), Texas. The Bio Dude is a speciality niche business that specializes in reptile and amphibian products. From substates, lighting, live plants and even feeder insects; the Bio Dude strives to provide the best care, rather than the basic care utilizing research practices and techniques. We are a very goal driven, hungry and aggressive business that has grown substantially since inception in 2017. We have been featured on Animal Planet as well as work with many AZA accredited facilities in Texas. We have a full service website (www.thebiodude.com), store (the Bio Dude Houston) and distribution around the contiguous 48 to many retail stores and platforms. This business was started out of dust and created from love, determination, grief and tenacity. The Bio Dude is always looking for candidates to join our team! If you like to work hard, play hard and grow with business the Bio Dude is a great opportunity for you. We are pleased to offer:

  1. Capital Blue Cross Health Insurance PPO and HMO 
  2. Humana Dental Insurance
  3. Liberty Life Insurance
  4. Simple IRA w/ 3% match dollar for dollar
  5. PTO 
  6. Paid Holidays

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our staff and customer safe, we are enforcing wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and have our building professionally disinfected with a medical grade formula that does not allow the virus to remain on surfaces for 90 days. 

Click here to download out PDF Application form. Please submit this form with your resume, and a cover letter with your experience pertaining to the position. Please email your resume to theBioDudeHR@gmail.com 



Starting Pay: $12.00 - $15.00 Full Time. $10.00 Part Time 

Full Time AND Part Time 

Ideal candidate will be:

  1. A team player, organized, has warehouse experience.
  2. Warehouse safety experience.
  3. Valid Forklift experience with Texas certification a HUGE plus.
  4. Familiarity or experience with Reptiles or Amphibians (not required).
  5. Valid driver’s license.

 Duties of this position will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Operation of heavy machinery, such as large industrial mixers, saws, drills, heat sealers and pallet jacks.
  2. The ability to consistently lift 75 pounds.
  3. Operating a sit-down forklift safely and effectively.
  4. Maintaining inventory, rotating pallets of product.
  5. Unloading various freight incoming shipments.
  6. Load/fill various freight outgoing shipments, creating BOL.
  7. Packaging, creating, mixing, and stocking product with Bio Dude branding for resale.
  8. Have an understanding of safe warehouse environments and responsibility.
  9. Operate other Bio Dude, Inc vehicle assets.
  10. Janitorial duties throughout warehouse and building.

This is a physically labor-intensive position, but a good entry position into a very successful, fast growing business. If you are a hard worker, driven with a drive to succeed, come join us here at the Bio Dude!


Order Fulfillment Associate 

Pay: $12.00 - $15.00 per hour

Full Time 

Job Description

General: This position is based at the Bio Dude Houston, 15516 Highway 3, BLDG 4. Webster, TX 77598. E-Commerce order fulfillment specialist is required to work in a team environment and fill each E-Commerce order for the day, keep a clean and organized workspace, manage their time and efficiency, and maintain/follow proper protocols in place by The Bio Dude.

The hours for this position are MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-4:30PM We do require one or two Saturday's a month which is 9AM-3PM.

Expectations:This position requires high attention to detail as well as the ability to follow protocol exactly as written. Each day specific deadlines will be given to you that must be completed prior to leaving for the day. Printing out all E-Commerce orders, organizing orders by shipping method/priority, filling all E-Commerce orders accurately, packing orders in boxes by protocols established, and inserting proper marketing material/education material for the consumer. The duty of providing a rewarding experience to the customer is on you, with how the box is packaged, how the labels are facing, all of it plays a vital role on customer retention and business reputation. After deadlines have been met, a full cleanup of the building is required. Taking out trash, sweeping, putting items back where they belong, and maintaining a clean and organized work space is required. If orders are complete employee may be sent to manufacturing to help as needed as a team player.

The ideal candidate will possess the following:

- Excellent communication skills, be a team player, and the ability to work in a hot environment

- A minimum of 3 years order picking and filling experience. The ability to read invoices and follow proper labeling protocols and picking the right item.

- Experience with reptile and amphibians as pets or experience with fish tanks or aquariums is a huge plus.

- Experience with Fed Ex and USPS packing and handing.

- Team member with warehouse experience.

- Ability to frequently lift 65 pounds.

- Ability to work in a very faced paced, deadline environment while meeting and exceeding set pick rates.

If you want to learn more, visit: www.thebiodude.com



Pay $15 hour

Full Time 

Ideal candidate will have the following skill sets:
1. Warehouse safety experience.
2. Microsoft word and outlook experience.
3. A team player with strong typing, organization, reading comprehension and communication skills.
4. Experience with the care of reptiles and amphibians (preferred, but may train the right individual).
5. Customer service experience with focus on p2p experiences and emails.
6. Knowledge of plants and biology.
7. Ability to work unsupervised and effectively.
8. Ability to lift 40 pounds.
9. Valid drivers license.

Duties of this position will include, but are not limited to:
1. Maintaining a clean and efficient work space.
2. Handling all emails, voicemails and reviews of the Bio Dude.
3. Building and establish relationships with clientele via our p2p store and via email/phone call.
4. Rotating and stocking inventory in the retail space of the Bio Dude.
5. Creating custom habitats for customers and their animals.
6. Educating clientele on the standard of care and husbandry practices for animals.
7. Providing A+ customer service.
8. Maintaining various forms to coordinate inventory, losses etc and communicate that to various management.
9. Cleaning duties.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00

Position starts at $14 an hour. Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM. Alternating Saturdays required. Must have a valid drivers license, have the ability to type quickly and have strong reading comprehension skills.

What will set you apart from everyone else is experience with keeping reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates as pets or have a fundamental understanding of reptile and amphibian husbandry. Experience is preferred, but not required and will train the right individual.


Animal Caretaker - Reptile Wrangler

Position: Animal Caretaker - Reptile Wrangler
Hours: 40 hours a week
Pay: $16.00 with the ability to go to $17.00 after 90 days for the right candidate.
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, some Saturdays required 9:00am-2:30pm

Ideal candidate will have the following skillsets:
1. Experience keeping springtails, isopods, reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.
2. Must not have a phobia of insects, snakes, etc.
3. Experience keeping/maintaining feeder insects such as roaches, crickets, worms etc. At least 1 year experience required.
4. Experience with different plants / botany is preferred but not required
5. Ability to lift 40lbs.
6. A team player with strong typing, organization, reading comprehension, and communication skills.
7. The ability to be self-managed, be able to work unsupervised and work effectively.
8. Microsoft word and outlook experience.

Position Requirements:
1. Follow proper safety protocol set in place by the Bio Dude, Inc.
2. Maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.
3. Creating custom habitats for customers and their animals.
4. Maintaining various forms to coordinate inventory, losses etc. and communicate that to management.
5. Cleaning all terrariums, maintaining all terrariums, and doing water changes.
6. The ability to provide health checks on different animals and identify when they need to be taken to a veterinarian.
7. Maintain proper documentation of the health/concerns of the animals.
8. Finding/utilizing the appropriate databases to store documentation for the animals.
9. Feeding and maintaining all the reptiles, amphibians, arachnids & feeder insects.
10. Manage reptile breeding programs and help raise neonatal reptiles and amphibians.
11. Selecting and acquiring new animals for POS.
12. Making decisions involving animal husbandry, diets, veterinary care, quarantine procedures, enrichment activities, animal transportation, and research projects.
13. Monitoring enclosure designs to make sure animals’ needs are met.
14. Provide supervision, evaluation, guidance, and direction for the animal care staff. Ensure that all animal care staff adhere to the Bio Dude’s policies and practices and remain current in training.
15. Participate in meetings pertaining to the Bio Dude’s collection, provide updates on the welfare of the animals and assist with planning and developing new enclosures. Research new animals to ensure we are providing the appropriate husbandry and enclosure standards. Continuously work to enhance current enclosures while making improvement recommendations as needed.
16. Assist with special events the business coordinates.
17. Partner with customer care when they have questions regarding husbandry and enclosure sizes
18. Customer service when necessary
19. Janitorial duties

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $16.00 per hour


Social Media Expert - Part Time 

We are hiring a work from home position! Part time, 16-20 hours weekly with the potential to go full time after 90 days. This is a 100% remote position.
Social Media Professional
Pay $13.00 an hour. 3 -4 days weekly. Mainly 2nd shift, 9am-3pm.
• Blog Writing, 1 year (Required)
• Keyword and SEO understanding (Required)
• Customer Service, 1 year (Preferred)
• Social Media Marketing, 1 year (Required)
• Photography, 1 year (Preferred)
• Professional Writing, 1 year (Preferred)
• Typing Skills (Required)
• High school or equivalent (Required)
• Houston, Texas 77598
Job Description
Want to join our team with an expanding, influential brand that is growing very quickly? The Bio Dude is searching for a Part Time (remote from home) Social Media Expert that can work with our Marketing team to develop ideas, marketing strategies, blogs and helping maintain various groups and social media platforms.
Daily tasks include (but are not limited to):
• Writing and scheduling/posting social media to an audience of almost 60,000 people.
• Using analytics to test-and-learn strategies for all social media marketing communications. Using the home base as a way to see trends as well as clicks with different strategies.
• Work directly with other business’ that Bio dude is associated with for promotion or collaborations.
• Experimenting with trending stories, presenting different types of articles and pictures to expand our current demographic. Presenting findings and implementing best practices to continually improve engagement and following
• Ensuring all social media posts , blogs and other communication follow the Bio Dude’s ethics and standard of communication.
• Managing the social media scheduling software
• Work on various blogs and other types of information to convey to our customers. Creating up to 4 blog entries monthly.
• Staying on top of new product announcements, events and other pertinent information. Maintaining communication with the rest of the Bio Dude staff.
• Ability to plan an entire week ahead and to present the idea to Marketing crew. Using home base software to communicate completed tasks and what was completed for the shift.
You MUST have:
• A writing sample (or a few) to share before a face-to-face interview that’s directly correlates with our vision and what we do.
• Have above average written language communication and copywriting skills
• Being creative while having the ability to creating trending posts and blogs within the Bio dude scope.
• Be innovative, enthusiastic, and self-teaching; willing to learn new skills and to challenge yourself each day.
• Maintain, effectively communicate and enforce the Bio Dude professional ethic and business standard.
• Be very comfortable using a PC, MAC and the internet. (You will be tested)
• Be very comfortable using FRONT, Facebook, Instagram, You tube, gmail and the home base.
• Have the ability and desire to learn and utilize the ins and outs of all of our social media platforms
• Maintain the ability to work independently and responsibly without direct supervision on a regular basis. Maintain confidentiality for Bio Dude.
• Welcome feedback on performance and creativity. We love continuous learners who are not afraid to improve themselves through feedback.
• Experience with Excel and word.
• Interest in Design, Photography, Blogging & pets (reptiles specifically).
• Knowing about the Bio Dude, what we do, what we stand for and what we have done since 2017 is even better.


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