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Blooms and Bites 🌺 The Dude's Flower Power Colorful Feast for Reptiles and Omnivores

Blooms and Bites 🌺 The Dude's Flower Power Colorful Feast for Reptiles and Omnivores

The Power of Flower!

Crafted and tested by the Dude himself, Flower Power is a blend of 100% organic ingredients that go beyond aesthetic appeal. This specially formulated mix boasts high fiber content, and color-enriching carotenoids, and is exceptionally low in oxalates—an essential consideration for optimal mineral absorption and overall digestive health.

Colorful Benefits:

The natural carotenoids found in Flower Power's floral ingredients contribute to color enhancement, making it an ideal choice for reptiles with vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow. Beyond its visual appeal, Flower Power offers a balanced and varied diet to stimulate neonatal reptiles or entice picky eaters to indulge in their fruits and vegetables.

Feeding Flexibility:

Flower Power seamlessly integrates into your reptile's diet as a supplemental option or a delightful treat. It's a palatable food additive that not only diversifies their meals but also supports the consumption of essential nutrients.

Ingredients in Bloom:

The magic of Flower Power lies in its exquisite blend of ingredients, including Cornflower, Rose Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, Dandelion flowers and leaves, and Chamomile Flowers. Each component is selected for its nutritional value and palatability, ensuring a delightful dining experience for your scaly friends.

Safety First:

Rest assured, Flower Power is 100% animal-safe and intended solely as an additive to complement your reptile's existing diet. It does not replace the need for fruits, vegetables, and supplements but enhances the overall nutritional spectrum.

Ideal for a Variety of Species:

From Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx to Desert Iguanas and Tortoises, Flower Power caters to a diverse range of omnivore palates. 

Each container is meticulously sealed, and marked with a unique lot and batch number, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

Incorporate The Dude's Flower Power into your reptile's dietary repertoire to introduce a burst of color, flavor, and nutrition. Whether as a daily supplement or a special treat, Flower Power brings a touch of botanical delight to your scaly companions, ensuring they enjoy the best of varied nutrition in every bite.

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