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The most common reptiles and amphibians in the pet trade

The most common reptiles and amphibians in the pet trade
In this blog, we will show some of the most common pet reptiles available in the hobby today. With their typically docile attitude and well known for being easy to handle, these are great recommendations. While these are mostly calmer reptiles, we have added some of the more advanced species whether it be attitude or them having specific husbandry needs, that also are good options for keepers looking for something different than the norm (these will be labeled as advanced or highly advanced).
While there are multiple species that could be added to this list, this is a simple list for beginners or keepers who are in search of a new reptile to add to their collection. We have listed them below with links to approved Bio Dude care sheets, Bio Dude Bioactive kits and videos if they are available. 
The care and maintenance  of the Leopard Gecko
Leopard gecko
African Fat-Tailed Gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) care sheet and bioactive terrarium maintenance
African Fat tail gecko 
The care and maintenance of a Crested Gecko
Crested geckos
Gargoyle Gecko care sheet and maintenance.
Gargoyle geckos 
The care and bioactive maintenance of a Tokay Gecko
Tokay gecko 
Rhacodactylus leachianus - New Caledonian giant gecko Caresheet and bioactive maintenance
Leachianus-New Caledonian giant gecko (Advanced)
Giant Day Gecko (Phelsuma grandis) care and bioactive maintenance
Day geckos (Advanced)
Bearded Dragon Caresheet
Bearded dragons
The care and bioactive maintenance of the Panther Chameleon
Panther Chameleon (Highly Advanced) 
Jackson's Chameleon Caresheet and bioactive maintenance
Jackson's chameleon (Highly Advanced)
Veiled Chameleon Caresheet
Veiled Chameleon (Highly Advanced)
Ackie Monitor Care Sheet and Bioactive terrarium maintenance guide
Ackie monitor (Highly Advanced) 
Blue Tongue Skink Care Guide
Blue tongue skink (Advanced) 
Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus) care sheet
Corn snakes
California Kingsnake care sheet and bioactive terrarium maintenance
King snakes (there are multiple species, this is for a california king snake)
Kenyan Sand Boa Care and Bioactive Maintenance
Kenyan sand boas 
Western Hognose care sheet and maintenance
Western Hognose 
Rosy Boa care guide and bioactive terrarium maintenance
Rosy boas
Ball Python Care Guide
Ball python (advanced)  
Boa Constrictor Care guide and bioactive terrarium maintenance
Boa constrictor (highly advanced) 
Turtles / Tortoises
Red Ear Slider Care and maintenance
Red eared slider (advanced) 
Sulcata Tortoise care and captive maintenance - BIG BULLDOZERS!
Sulcata Tortoise (Highly Advanced)
Keeping Poison Dart Frogs as Pets and Bioactive terrarium maintenance
Dart frogs (Advanced) 
Bioactivity and Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Red Eyed Tree Frogs (Advanced) 

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