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Vivarium Lighting...Explained

Vivarium Lighting...Explained


The next generation of vivarium lighting. These sleek, aluminum-cast LED lights are great for lighting your vivariums/terrariums.  This 16" LED has diodes that emit 1,650 lumens and 6,500 kelvin. With red and blue diodes incorporated into the design, this ideal color spectrum brings out the colors in your plants and really gets them to grow! The vent on the front pushes all the heat away from the inside of your vivarium, preventing your vivarium from getting to hot. Great for tropical species that like it cool! 

We recommend purchasing this light with the BioDudes 6' cord adapter. The adapter is not included. 

Please Note: The use of excessive force when screwing the units in sockets resulting in the breaking of the plastic base and/or forcing the bulb further than it was designed to rotate will void the warranty.


How to video:


Solar Grow T5 Fluorescent Fixture and Bulb

Introducing The Bio Dude Solar Grow T5 HO light fixture plant light that brings a burst of vitality to your plant kingdom. Crafted with precision and designed to foster vibrant growth, this fluorescent light is an essential tool for cultivating lush, healthy vegetation.

The innovative design of this fluorescent light ensures even light distribution across your plants, leaving no corner untouched by its radiant glow. Its efficient yet gentle illumination prevents excessive heat buildup, safeguarding your plants from potential stress or damage. 

These fixtures also sit on top of screen cages/Screen covers quite nicely and can be easily mounted into the Bio Dude's exclusive Kages line with mounting clips included in box. 

The Bio Dude Solar Grow T5 HO light fixture can be used to house T5 UVB bulbs such as Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs or any compatible T5 bulb. 

-Mounting clips and roll on/off switch built into power cord included.

***Please be sure to order T5 replacement bulbs for this fixture- These HO fixtures will NOT work with T8 bulbs**



UVB lighting:


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