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The Bioactive Keeper's Quick Guide to Plant Care

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How to clean your plants: 



How to care for a Moss Tissue Culture:

Using tongs or tweezers, gently extract the moss or plant from its culture medium. Take care to delicately remove any residual tissue culture gel prior to planting. You can easily rinse off the gel by washing it away with dechlorinated water or by soaking the plant and gently squeezing the gel off using your fingers. Handling these plants demands a gentle touch due to their delicate nature.

For vivarium or terrarium planting, it's crucial to maintain a consistent humidity level of at least 80%. As your new plants take root, ensure they remain moist to support their establishment. You can place them on your chosen substrate, wood, rock, or even affix them to a background surface.

When managing the closed container, it's advisable to maintain it in a sealed state and position it beneath a standard LED or plant light. This controlled environment can be maintained for several months or until the plants have outgrown the container. However, note that once the container is opened, its sterile state is compromised. To prevent adverse effects, the gel must be washed off within 48 hours before unwanted organisms, such as fungi or bacteria, begin to colonize it – something they are particularly fond of, much like the plants!

Adhering to these steps will help ensure the successful transition of your plants from their culture to their new environment, supporting their growth and overall well-being.


How to Grow Moss Like a Boss! 



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