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Reptile Calcium & More

Reptile supplements are a must when it comes to keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets. Just like us, they utilize calcium, vitamin A, and many other vitamins and minerals for basic homeostasis. Discover reptile vitamins, calcium and more with The Bio Dude.


Reptile Vitamins & Supplements

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Exo Terra Reptile Multi Vitamin 1 oz  GREEN

Exo Terra Reptile Multi Vitamin 1 oz GREEN


Most reptiles and amphibians are unable to obtain the essential vitamins and trace minerals that they require from a captive diet. Exo Terra Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles and amphibians in conjunction with their daily diet. It contains precise levels of vitamins, amino acids and trace ele...

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Exo Terra Reptile Calcium + Vitamin D3 1.4 oz  PINK

Exo Terra Reptile Calcium + Vitamin D3 1.4 oz PINK


Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem in captive reptiles. Exo Terra Calcium Calcium + D3 Powder Supplement contains high levels of phosphorus-free calcium as well as balanced amounts of vitamin D3for optimal calcium absorption and to help ensure long-term health. Vitamin D3 aids in the proper absorption of calcium and is vital for capti...

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