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Boost Your Bioactive Setup with The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus

Boost Your Bioactive Setup with The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus

Creating a thriving bioactive enclosure requires attention to detail, and one crucial aspect is maintaining the health of your substrate. The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus (CaCO3) emerges as an indispensable supplement, ensuring the longevity and vitality of your bioactive environment and live plants.

Why do I need Soil Cal Plus?

Over time, vital minerals, particularly calcium, can be depleted by the activity of a clean-up crew, such as isopods or springtails. This depletion is not only relevant to maintaining the well-being of these cleanup organisms but also crucial for the overall health of plants, especially for pet millipedes, earwigs, and neonatal amphibians.

What is the Role of Calcium?

Calcium plays a pivotal role in cellular health for plants, as well as in maintaining soil alkalinity and salinity. It contributes to the proper chemical balance of the substrate, promoting an environment conducive to plant growth and overall ecosystem well-being.

How does Soil Cal Plus Help?

The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus provides a bioavailable source of calcium, essential minerals, and trace elements. It serves as a replenishing agent for depleted substrates and offers targeted benefits to plants with higher calcium requirements. This supplement is designed to revive and enhance your substrate, ensuring a more resilient and nutrient-rich environment.

How do I use Soil Cal Plus?

Using Soil Cal Plus is a simple yet effective process. Sprinkle a small amount into your substrate and thoroughly mix it in—approximately three shakes per six quarts of Bio Dude substrate. For water mixes, add one tablespoon to 32 ounces of room temperature water and spray directly onto plants in the vivarium or use it to boost potted plants in your home.

Enhance the vitality of your bioactive setup with The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus. Regular use, every 2-3 months after terrarium establishment, ensures a consistently enriched substrate, contributing to the overall success of your bioactive enclosure.

Important Note: Soil Cal Plus is specifically designed for substrate enrichment and should not be used for dusting feeder insects or in calcium bowls. It is not intended for human consumption or for direct spraying on animals.

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