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Whites Tree Frog Starter Plant Pack

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best desert plants for Whites Tree Frogs.  This selection of plants thrive in the unique conditions that these frogs require. These plants can handle mild hotspots and drier humidity spikes. With an adult Whites these plants should withstand the weight of the frogs with no issues. When the frogs are adults, do not hesistate to plant smaller trees or shubs in their terrarium. They LOVE branches and thicker, dense foliage to hunt and for cover. All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.  

Included in this kit is: 

*All are 4" pot and vary in height and size*

x1 Golden Pathos,  x 1 Pteris Fernx 1 Philodendron  Wend Ibe

Golden Pathos are one of the easiest, most common terrarium plants to grow, maintain, and have thrive in your terrarium. Growing upwards, sideways as well as creeping, these unique plants do not need bright light, can dry out, and will latch and grow onto different woods and surface such as cork bark, ghost wood and other terraria woods the Dude offers.

Pteris Fern - These larger, taller plants are good for creating the bushy, dense, tall foliage that these frogs enjoy. While the fresh grown stems can be delicate, after a day or two they become rather strong. 

Philodendron - A very popular plant, these bushy plants are excellent ground cover and will grow very bush-like creating a nice bottom landscape for your terrarium. Not only can this handle the weight of the frog, it is also very easy to grow.