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White's Tree Frog Clean Up Crew Pack *includes overnight shipping*

Product Description

Clean up crew pack specifically picked for White's Tree Frogs. These are one of the Dude's favorite frogs. These bulky frogs create lots of waste, and with the help of the BioShot + the clean up crew the waste and substrate will breakdown, cycle and promote organic health with no issues.

Included in this pack is - 

Powder Blue Isopods -  For these frogs, you need a larger isopod. One that can breed quickly, handle getting stepped or sat on and have the ability to handle larger waste that these frogs constantly create. The Powder Blue fit the bill perfectly. Not only can they handle drier and slightly more humid environments, they will also aerate the soil and breakdown organic matter. 

Giant White Springtails - These prolific springtails will breed in almost every temperature or humidity gradient. Their resilience makes them an excellent arid or humid biome springtail to help aerate the Terra Flora while promoting organic waste breakdown.