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Vivarium Waterfall Kit Medium

Product Description

The Dude's complete drainage layer waterfall kit. This all in one kit is designed to be used with the Dude's HydroGrow V2. You will be unable to change the pump or pull the pump out with this type of setup. 

With the pump sucking up the ground water (ie your base water) it will take it through the tubing and allow you to manipulate the 24" of tubing included to create  an epic mini waterfall for your paludarium or living bioactive terrarium. Wood types such as cork bark, mopani root wood or mangrove wood make excellent waterfall candidates. You can also use rock such as Pumice (Lava) rock or Texas Flagstone Rock.  

Want to make it really pop? Check out the Dude's aquatic mosses that will attach and grow on the slate to create an epic moss waterfall. 

The Dude's Vivarium Waterfall Kit Medium is great for terrariums sized 18" x 18" x 18/24" and aquariums up to 20 gallons.  You will have to account for the drainage option of the exit flow with the pump. Using small river rocks or the like can really make a unique drainage piece that is separate from you substrate. 

This kit includes:

x1 AquaTop Aquarium Pump -  80 gallons per hour

x1 The Dude's 1/2" aquarium tubing 24" (color is the Dude's choice) 

x3 HydroGrow V2 6 quarts 

x1 Vivarium Screen Protector 24" x 18" (this size is to cover all sizes in the above. If your tank size is different than this you can request that we send a different size you can cut it to size yourself. Please note there may be an increase in cost if size is much larger.



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