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Panther/Jacksons Chameleon Plant Pack

Product Description

When keeping chameleons as pets it is vital to ensure to represent their native habitat as closely as possible. In the wild, these chameleons will readily lick the dew droplets off of the tree leaves in the morning. A thick, dense foliaged enclosure is necessary for them to feel comfortable, blended in and not vulnerable to predation. This kit requires deep substrate and at least 24" of width and 18" of height for proper root development for these larger plants. 

Included in this kit is: 

8" Pot - Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

x1 8" Pot Ficus Spire

x1 6" Pot - Sanservia Snake Plant Variety. 

x1 4" Dude's Choice Tropical Plant

Plant may be switched, due to availability, to similar plants. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig are mildly toxic and not recommended for use in Veiled Chameleon enclosures.



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