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Terra Isopoda Bioactive Isopod Substrate 6 quarts

Product Description

The Bio Dude's handcrafted, formulated and extensively tested Terra Isopoda. This bioactive substrate is specifically designed to be utilized with Millipedes, arthropods (springtails) and terrestrial crustaceans (isopods). Handcrafted to be nutritionally sound with extensive hardwood and calcium incorporation this substrate is designed to be utilized for culturing, breeding and keeping these animals as pets. This substrate will breathe from the top layer to the bottom layer, preventing harmful bacterial and fungal buildup while facilitating necessary tunnels and burrows required for these animals to thrive. Terra Isopoda can be utilized in a terrarium, tub or other means of keeping these animals healthy and thriving.

Terra Isopoda is designed to handle all humidity ranges, but if you are keeping a very high humidity inhabitant, a drainage layer of some kind is recommended to be utilized. In conjunction with the Terra Isopoda it is recommended to provide essential biodegradeables such as other hardwoods, leaf litter and even cork bark pieces. Providing a source of Calcium such as a Calcium Bone or Soil Cal Plus will really help your microfauna flourish.

Each 6 quart bag weighs approximately lbs. This substrate does not include isopods.

While this can be utilized in a bioactive habitat with reptiles, amphibians and arachnids it is recommended to utilize this medium strictly for culturing and keeping your clean up crew as this mix may function differently in a larger terrarium.




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