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Terra Flora Bioactive Kit 10 gallon

Product Description
The Bio Dudes complete 10 gallon Terra Flora bioactive kit. This kit is designed for 

 rainforest-dwelling reptiles and amphibians such as Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs, and Salamanders. 

Included with this kit is: 

x1 bag of 6 quart HydroGrow - Drainage layer. 

x1 vivarium screen divider 10 gallon - Drainage layer divider 

x1 bag of 6 quart Terra Flora - The Dude's one of a kind substrate for high humidity biomes. 

x1 The Bio Dude Compressed Sphagnum Moss Brick 150 grams

x1 Cacao Leaf Litter 20 ct

x1 6 quart Bioshot - This is the perfect shot for your terrarium. 

$49.95 $58.95


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