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Terra Firma Accent Pack

Product Description

A hand selected terraria wood and pod accent pack for your Bio Dude Terra Firma BioActive terrariums. The pieces included are picked specifically to fill in the tank nicely, while giving your animals plenty of places to climb and hide. The accents selected in these packs are included because they are the items that work best in these biomes and the animals that thrive in them as well. The pieces pictured may not be the exact pieces received. 

Terra Firma accent packs available in the following sizes:

10 gallon -x2 Cork Bark Flat, Small Grapevine 8"-10", Nut Pod x1

20 gallon high - x2 Cork Bark Flat, x2 Small Grapevine 8" - 10", nut pod x1

20 gallon long - x2 Cork Bark Flat, x1 Small Grapevine 8" -10", Nut Pod x2

29 gallon - x3 Cork Bark Flat, x1 Large Grapevine 18" -24", x2 Nut Pods

40 breeder - x3 Cork Bark Flat, x1 Large Grapevine 18" - 24", x1 Showgrade cork tube (<5 inches in diameter), x2 Nut Pods

55 gallon - x4 Cork Bark Flat, x1 large Grapevine 18" -24", x1 Showgrade Cork Tube (<6 inches in diameter), x 2 nut pods. 

12 x 12 x 18 - x1 Cork Bark Flat, Small Grapevine 8" -10", Nut Pod x1 

18 x 18 x 24 - x2 Cork Bark flat, x1 Large Grapevine 18" -24", x2 Nut Pods. 




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