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Terra Aranea Tropical Basic Plant Kit

Product Description

A handselected assortment of TheDudes best tropical or Neo tropical plants that thrive in the Dude's Terra Aranea. These plants are designed for rainforest-dwelling or Neo-tropical dwelling invertebrates such as tarantulas, scorpions, spiders and centipedes. Each plant is established in at least a 3" pot.  Here is what is included with each size kit: 

8" x 8" - x1 Pothos or fern

12" x 12" - x2 Pothos, Fern or Calathea

18" x 18"- x 4 Pothos, Fern or Calathea

24" x 18" -  x5 Pothos, Fern or Calathea

10 gallon -  x2 Pothos, Fern or Calathea

20 gallon long -  x3   Pothos, Fern or Calathea



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