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Terra Aranea Bioactive Kit 10 gallon

Product Description
The BioDudes complete Terra Aranea bioactive kit. This kit is designed for 

10 gallon terrariums. Terra Aranea is the #1 bioactive substrate for all tarantulas, scorpions, vinagaroons, spiders and other inverts. 

Included with this kit is:

x2 6 quart  Terra Aranea bioactive substrate - Great for tarantulas and holds all tunnels and burrows. Great for arid or tropical. Depending on depth desired you may have some material left over. 

x1 6 quart Chilean or New Zealand AAA Sphagnum moss - The Dude's choice, depends on availability. You may have some material left over. 

x1 Beech/Red Oak Leaf Litter 2 quarts

x1 3 quart Cork Bark Pieces 2 quarts 

x1 12 quart BioShot - Perfect shot for soil amount. 


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