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Red Eye Tree Frog Plant Pack V2

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best tropical plants for Red Eye Tree Frogs. These unique tree frogs like to spend their mornings and afternoons underneath larger, broad leaves. When the sun goes down these amphibians will shed and hunt. Large plants with sturdy leaves are a must for this species. Thick foliage allows for resting spots as well as territory organization if you have multiple frogs in one vivarium. When given territories, males will call, and shake leaves when humidity is high and other males are present. Having the right plants does wonders for these amphibians.  All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Included in this kit is: 

6" pot - Sansevieria variety

4" pot - Assorted fern

x2  Neoregelia Bromeliad offsets 

4" pot - Philodendron variety

4" pot -  Calathea lancifolia 

Plant may be switched, due to availability, to similar plants. 



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