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Poison Dart Frog Plant Pack V2

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best terrarium plants for Poison Dart Frogs. These beautiful plants grow and flourish well in very wet environments. With the limited airflow + high humidity the plants included are not susceptible for rot, with exception of the Bromeliads, which you much provide some air ventilation. These plants will provide adequate climbing and hiding areas that your Dart Frogs will readily utilize.  All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Included in this kit is: 

4" Pot - Calathea Variety.   

4" Pot - Sweetheart Philodendron. 

4" Pot - Peperomia Variety. 

6" pot -  Neoregelia Bromeliad. 

X2 Cutting - Neoregelia Offset - Mixed Varieties. 

6 quart - Pillow Moss.

Plant may be switched , due to availability , to similar plants. 



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