Poison Dart Frog Clean Up Crew Pack *includes overnight shipping*

Product Description

Clean up crew pack specifically picked for Poison Dart Frogs. In a dart frog enclosure, having a solid amount of cleaner bugs  (especially springtails) is very important. Dart frogs will readily eat these small bugs and it will encourage foraging and other natural behaviors. With the high humidity requirements of dart frogs, these bugs will also aerate the soil, which is essential for long term terrarium health. The Clean up crew included will break down the shed, and work with the BioShot to breakdown organic matter such as feces and other organic waste. 

Included in this pack is - 

Dwarf Purple - These Isopods will tend to stay deep in the Flora. Rarely if ever will you see them after they dug themselves deep into the dense substrate. Great for Flora aeration, spreading nutrients and promoting root development. 

Giant White Springtails - These prolific springtails will breed in almost every temperature or humidity gradient. Their resilience makes them an excellent arid springtail to help aerate the Terra Flora while promoting organic waste breakdown. 

Tropical Pink Springtails - These larger springtails thrive in moist conditions and need a humidity of at least 30% to thrive. Pink springtails get their name from their light hue of pink, although it is not too discernible to the naked eye.  These springtails will concentrate in all layers of the substrate and leaf litter promoting the organic matter breakdown in your vivarium. Dart frogs will also relish these springtails as a food source.