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Kenyan Sand Boa Snake Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive vivarium kit for Kenyan Sand Boas. Despite their name, these small boas are found throughout East Africa’s dry scrublands, from Egypt south all the way down to Tanzania. They spend most of their time buried in the soil, waiting to snag passing prey items. These Sand boas have a reputation for doing little else, but in an enriching environment with leaf litter to forage in and cork bark to explore, we find that they can be coaxed out aboveground, where they will make the most of all the space they are given, not just the burrows they excavate. One of my favorite things about these snakes is when their entire body is burrowed, and all you can see is their eyes and their third eye slightly exposed above the soil. With the Terra Sahara, this is accomplished with ease and makes your Kenyan feel more secure. 

Available in the following sizes:

10 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 2 cork flats, 8" LED w/adpater, 1 succulent

20 gallon long - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 4 cork flats, 16" LED w/adpater, 3 succulents

40 breeder - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 6 cork flats, 16" LED w/adpater, 4 succulents