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Dubia roach colony bioactive habitat breeding kit

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive habitat kit for Dubia Roaches.  The Dude designed this kit to support optimal health and reproduction for your roach colony.

Once established the Bio Shot with the bioactive substrate will quickly help get your essential soil starter synchronized in conjunction with your springtails and isopods to create a very efficient, clean roach breeding bin.

Not only will the humidity spikes play a vital role with breeding and long term colony health, the bioactive substrate (when maintained appropriately) will help with the cleanliness of the colony preventing bad mold outbreaks and keeping the habitat clean and healthy.

We recommend using a opaque tub that measures 24" x 18" x 12" or close to those dimensions that is well ventilated. The components included are a full startup kit to get you colony established and thriving.

Included in this kit is the following:

x2 Terra Aranea 18 quart. Great for all invertebrates and for breeding roaches.

X1 Soil Cal Plus. Mix thoroughly with your substrate to provide high levels of Calcium which will greatly benefit your roach colony.

x1 BioShot 36 quart. When used in conjunction with your springtails and isopods your substrate will thrive long term.

x2 Cacao Leaf Litter 20 ct

x3 Egg Carton 10 packs. A total of 30 egg cartons are included.

x1 Bug Grub, 16 oz. The Dude's proprietary insect fuel that will not only allow your roaches to thrive, but gutload them effectively as a primary feeder source. 

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