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Day Gecko Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive vivarium kit for Day Geckos.  These stunning lizards come from Madagascar, where they inhabit the humid rainforest canopy.  This kit includes plenty of branches and tropical plants for your geckos to climb, hide, and lay eggs in.  These gorgeous geckos make fantastic display animals in the right environment.  Our Day Gecko kit will let you create a beautiful, self-cleaning slice of rainforest for your geckos to call home!

Suitable for most Phelsuma and Lygodactylus species such as Giant, Peacock, Gold Dust, and Electric Blue Day Geckos. Not recommended for species such as the Standing's Day Gecko that prefer a slightly more arid climate. 

Make your feeding station look completely natural with these ledges for your Day Gecko Diets! You can get them here.

Available tank sizes: 

10 gallon - Terra Fauna bioactive kit, 1 cork tube,  Bamboo Tube,  8" LED w/adpater, x1 4" tropical.

20 gallon high - Terra Fauna bioactive kit, 2 cork tubes, Bamboo Tube,8" LED w/adapter, x 3 tropicals. 

29 gallon -Terra Fauna bioactive kit, 3 cork tubes, 2 Bamboo Tubes,16" LED w/adapter, x 4 tropicals.

12 x 12 x 18  - Terra Fauna bioactive kit, 1 cork tube, Bamboo Tube,8" LED w/adpater, x1 4" tropicals.

18 x 18 x 24 - Terra Fauna bioactive kit, 3 cork tubes, Bamboo Tube,16" LED w/adapter, x 4 tropicals