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Crested Gecko Starter Plant Pack

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best  plants for Crested Geckos. The plants included are can handle the weight of the lizard and are meant for vertical enclosures. The bromeliads can be mounted epiphytically or planted in the soil.  Crested Geckos enjoy a lush vivarium with plenty of places to hide, so these plants are all selected to give your Crested Gecko options in your vivarium. All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Included in this kit is: 

*All are 4" pot and vary in height and size*

x1 2-3 Bromeliad (established, rooted adults) plant, x1 Arrowhead vine, x 1 Korean Rock Fern, x 1 Purple OR Green Fittonia.

Neoregelia Bromeliads - These vibrant colored, adult plants have one mother plant with at least 1 or two decent sized offsets. These offsets can be cut and planted epiphytically, or can be planted directly into the substrate. Bromeliads are great for Crested Geckos because in their axils they hold fresh, clean water that gives your Crested Gecko another option when foraging for water. These beautiful plants also provide some necessary color in your vivarium making your gecko feel right at home.

Arrow Head Vines - A great terrarium candidate, these plants can get rather tall if you let them. Growing mainly vertically these plants are very durable and can easily handle the weight of an adult Crested Gecko. These plants also grow in packs, which can be easily separated creating a whole new arrowhead vine every few months. A great way to add color, height and depth to your Crested Gecko terrarium. 

Korean Rock Ferns - A very common fern that can grow rather large if left unattended. These dense ferns have a deep, bold evergreen color that really can set off beauty in your vivarium. These ferns can handle the weight of an adult Crested Gecko, can get smashed completely flat and if given the proper care will regrow and recover quickly. If the Dude is out of this particular fern the Autumn Fern will be put in place. 

Fittonia (Green or Purple) - A beautiful accent plant, these small bush-like tropical plants are available in two colors, green and purple. What you receive is 100% up to the Dude as his inventory is consistently changing. These plants have a tendency to grow outwards, instead of upwards, making a nice, colorful ground cover in your vivarium. These plants can handle the weight of the geckos and many times you will notice you gecko curl up into a little ball and sleep inside the FIttonia. For some reason (potentially the color) the Dude has found it makes them feel extra secure. ( Out of Fittonia, will switch with something similar)


Plant may be switched , due to availability , to similar plants. 


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