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Corn Snake Clean Up Crew Pack *includes overnight shipping*

Product Description

Clean up crew pack specifically picked for Corn Snake. These beautiful colubrids are fround all over North America. Using bugs that can handle wet and dry seasons is imperative. The Clean up crew included will break down the shed, and work with the BioShot to breakdown organic matter such as feces and other organic waste. 

Included in this pack is - 

Powder Blue Isopods - Great for corn snakes, these large Isopods will relish all cork bark and other dense woods and create a sustainable population very quickly. These isopods need a large amount of biodegradeables in their vivarium to breed quickly and efficiently.  Spending the majority of the time on the top of the substrate, they will quickly breakdown organic waste with ease. 

Giant White Springtails - These prolific springtails will breed in almost every temperature or humidity gradient. Their resilience makes them an excellent arid springtail to help aerate the Terra Sahara while promoting organic waste breakdown. The Dude has found that the Giant White springtails seem to destroy snake skin the fastest, when compared to Tropical Pink or Large Silvers.