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72" x 36" x 36" Bio Dude Premium PVC Enclosure

Product Description

This Bio Dude® Exclusive Enclosure by Kages™  features: 

  • ½” black extruded PVC construction
  • Premium abrasion resistant tempered glass sliding doors
  • Black PVC center brace 
  • Vents in the rear and sides
  • 11” substrate board

One of the best things about a Kages enclosure is a phillips screwdriver and about 30 minutes is all you’ll need to assemble.



Approximate Outside Dimensions: 71”x35”x35.5“


  • Red Tailed Boa
  • Young Tegu
  • Box Turtles
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Blue Tongue Skink
  • And More! 
    • ½” rigid expanded PVC
      • Closed cell surface
      • Matte surface finish, both sides. A matte surface is great for reducing unnecessary stress on your reptile because they can not see their reflections. 
      • Vibration and sound absorbent
      • Low thermal conductivity (high insulation value)
      • Lightweight
      • Chemical resistant, non-corroding
      • Low water absorption (does not rot)
      • Venting: Slit venting on the upper back wall and sides of the enclosure.
      • Premium tempered glass doors are a much safer option than float glass. 
    • FREE Shipping to Continental United States.
    • Please Note: This item arrives on a pallet, we recommend having a couple people handy to help unload this from the trailer upon delivery as the delivery service does not provide a lift gate so you will need to unload it from the trailer. 
    • All enclosures are shipped unassembled to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage in transit. They build and disassemble each individual enclosure to ensure a perfect fit. Assembly is very easy and takes about 15 minutes and requires only a Phillips screwdriver, but I would recommend a drill to speed things up.
    • Each enclosure is handmade; visible variations or imperfections may be present however they have no effect on the functionality.
    • All sizes are approximate. 
    • We do not recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in our enclosures. There are much safer and much more natural options for your new PVC reptile enclosure such as;
      • Heat projector lamps 
      • Basking Bulb 
      • Radiant heat panels

        Always use a thermostat and thermometer to monitor and regulate temperatures in your enclosure.

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