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Chameleon Tree Pouch 18" x 18"

Product Description

A complete Chameleon Tree Pouch. This pouch, made of durable fabric that not only retains water, but is porous enough to allow for proper soil aeration for your larger trees and shrubs. This Tree pouch is 16" tall and will allow for about 14 " of the Dude's BioActive substrate. Holds up to 20 gallons. 

Not only will these pouches give your old world female gravid chameleons a place to lay their eggs and dig, it will also help with humidity retention and give your larger plants the ability to be planted and rooted successfully in your terrarium. This allows you to plant live trees, shrubs and other tropical plants to benefit your chameleon physically and physiologically. 

Chameleon tree pouches are long lasting and will last up to 5 years. 

These will fit the standard Exo Terra or Zoo Med 18" x 18" screen cages.

Please note: Due to the varying inexact sizes of these pouches there may be a 1"-2" gap around the entire perimeter of the cage.  Color of Pouch will be Brown or Grey depending on availability. All pouch sizes include handles.



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