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Ball Python Starter Plant Pack

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best plants for Ball Pythons. Being a secretive species, Ball Pythons are great terraria candidates when the proper plants are selected.  Larger, more durable plants that can handle the weight of the snake when they come in contact. The plants included grow very quickly and easily, and provide you will height, ground cover, and some color to make your Ball Python feel right at home! These plants can handle dry periods, humid periods, and low level lighting. All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

The plants included are all the Dude's choice. There will not be any duplicates and they will all be able to handle the activity of your Ball Python. If you have a specific plant or types in mind, please leave a note in the comment section of your order. If you are planting for an adult, please ensure you note that in the comments so we can ensure proper picking/quality.

There is a total of 4 plants included with this bundle.

Each plant included is established in a 3" or 4" pot and will vary in types from: Philodendrons, pothos, ferns, dracaneas, aglaonema or sanservia.



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