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Ball Python Clean Up Crew Pack *includes overnight shipping*

Product Description

Clean up crew pack specifically picked for Ball Pythons. With these pythons being rather sedentary at times, it is helpful to have the springtails and isopods aerate the substrate as the terrarium cycles and grows. With the minimal waste that these constrictors give us these smaller clean up crews do an excellent job at maintaining the vivarium. The insects do not harm or bother the snake. The isopods and springtails will help aerate the Terra Firma while working with the Dude's BioShot to breakdown organic matter such as feces, shed and other organic waste. 

Included in this pack is - 

Dwarf Purple Isopods - These Isopods will tend to stay deep in the Firma. Rarely if ever will you see them after they dug themselves deep into the dense substrate. With the dense substrate + the various humidity pockets that Ball Pythons require the purple isopods are the most prolific isopods when kept with these constrictors.  Approximately 15 mixed sizes in the culture. Packaged in a 3oz deli cup with paper towels and food. 

Tropical Springtails - These prolific springtails will breed in almost every temperature or humidity gradient. Their resilience makes them an excellent arid springtail to help aerate the Terra Firma while promoting organic waste breakdown. These springtails are very efficient cleaners and will quickly degrade organic matter. Packaged in a 6 ounce container with at least a 10 day life cycle already established in the culture.  


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