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Acrylic Display Box Medium

Product Description
These beautifully crafted, niche style microhabitats are great for young invertebrates, rearing micro geckos or growing micro plants. Ships in it's own case.
  • This enclosure can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • Set of four sticky feet are included.
  • Ideal for arboreal or terrestrial species.
  • Sliding magnet lid.
  • Rust resistant magnets.
  • White back/bottom to increase visibility of your animal.
  • 3mm vent holes located on the sides to allow for cross ventiliation without obstructing view.
Dimensions: 5"x 5"x 9"


For optimal clarity these displays are made from 100% cast acrylic. Acrylic is a hygroscopic material (it will absorb moisture).
In setups with very high humidity or with saturated substrate you may see some inward bowing of the door. This is normal, though
not always welcome. This can be resolved by letting the enclosure dry out some and avoiding staurated substrates. Light misting is generally not an issue.
Once the door panel is allowed to dry out (generally within a few hours) it will be back to normal.


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