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4" Pot Calathea Lancifolia

Product Description


Common Name: Calathea Lancifolia or Rattlesnake Plant

Scientific Name: Goeppertia insignis

-Care Recommendations By The Dude-

Best for These Animals:

Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, some TerraFirma

Soil Depth: All soil depths with proper drainage *This plant does not to be constantly soggy!*

Lighting: Low to Medium

Humidity & Misting: 40%-100% / Suggested

Mature Plant Size & Root System: This beautiful tropical plant can produce leaves up to 18" long and the foliage of Calathea Lancifolia actually moves via the plants natural circadian rhythm! This plant with age will send out shoots, forming a tight clump of leaves/ Shallow fibrous root system

Temperature Tolerance & Placement in the Terrarium: Too high temperatures/low humidity may cause leaves to brown / Front (low) groundcover, underplanting, or Back (Tall) if mature

Edible & Side Effects if Ingested: Non-Toxic if consumed though these are typically used for ornamental not edible purposes

Pot Size & Packaging: A Single 4" potted Calathea Lancifolia plant / Plant is Shipped bare-root wrapped in newspaper



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