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16" x 16" (screen cage base) Terra Firma Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete Terra Firma bioactive kit for a 16" x 16" screen cage (L x W).  This kit is designed for screen cages only which is great for Chameleons, Alligator Lizards and more!  The Chameleon Tree Pouch included will allow you to have a dense, 10" layer of substrate. Please note: Due to the varying inexact sizes of these pouches there may be a 1"-2" gap around the entire perimeter of the cage. This is why extra AAA New Zealand Spag Moss is included to stuff the vacant space on the sides. 

Kit includes: 

16" x 16" Chameleon Tree Pouch

x2 36 quart bags of Terra Firma

x2 AAA New Zealand Spag Moss

X1 leaf litter

x 2 36 quart BioShot

$119.95 $129.95