Welcome to the Bio Dude. Your #1 source for all reptile supplies. Expect carrier delays due to COVID19. NOTICE: We currently cannot ship live plants to California.

Shipping Policies and Military Discount

Thank you very much for choosing the BioDude Inc. I have been packaging and distributing perishable items for over 10 years and have extensive experience shipping in extreme weather. The BioDude offers Fed EX and the USPS as shipping options. We do not ship internationally. We ship from Houston, Texas. The Bio Dude Inc is a green shipper. We only utilize boxes, packaging material and educational pamphlets that are only made out of 100% recycled material. 


Typical ship times are same day, unless order is placed after 2pm CST. The Bio Dude ships Monday - Friday. Transit times depend on service selected. If Fed Ex Ground is chosen, Fed Ex may classify your address as a "home delivery" shipment which is only delivered Tuesday - Saturday. The Bio Dude has no choice if Fed Ex classifies your address in this way and has no way of knowing until after the label has been paid for and printed.    Please note that free shipping items are not covered for Alaska or any non contiguous 48 in the USA. 

Referral Points and Accural Points Discount - The Bio Dude is pleased to offer different incentives for customers to get their animals over to Bioactive. Please note, when placing an order when utilizing discounts or points, the order must have a positive balance. The Bio Dude will not ship a 0.00 order and It will be automatically cancelled.

Military Discount - The Bio Dude is proud to offer 15% off most Bio Dude products to all members of armed forces, police, EMT and fire fighters. If you are a firefighter, EMT, or Police Officer simply contact us at customercare@thebiodude.com to get your code. If you are serving or did serve in the US Military click the banner to get your account verified! Code does not apply to non Bio Dude products such as Pangea, Zoo Med, Exo Terra products etc.  

Shortage or claim notices for missing items in your shipment - In the unfortunate event that your order with the Bio Dude Inc is missing any items, shorted any items or items are damaged beyond repair all claims must be made within 48 hours after delivery date. Claims after this time period will unable to be processed. This is to protect the Bio Dude Inc from any false claims or scams. 

Stolen/Lost/Mis-delivered Packages - If your tracking information is stating that your package was delivered but you never received your package. First check with your neighbors, office/lobby areas, public mailbox areas to see if your package was misdelivered. After the above, the Bio Dude will file a claim with Fed Ex to get in contact with the driver whom delivered the package. After Fed Ex provides drivers accounting of delivery the Bio Dude will let the customer know the status of the claim. The Bio Dude is not responsible for lost, stolen, mis-delivered or incorrect addresses causing losses of packages. For claim purposes, Fed Ex uses a tracking system with a GPS to verify delivery points which is conveyed to us with the claim. If Fed Ex verifies your address as the delivery address, the Bio Dude is NOT responsible. 

USPS misdeliveries or lost packages will need to be filed on USPS.com with the tracking number provided via the Bio Dude. The Bio Dude is unable to file claims on your behalf with the USPS. 

 USPS Shipping - 95% of all packages leaving the Bio Dude warehouse will go via Fed Ex. USPS is ONLY used when there is no other option available. The maximum box size to ship via USPS is 12 x 12 x 8 at under 6 pounds. The Bio Dude has every right to cancel USPS shipping and send it another method that he seems fit.This is not only to protect your items, but from experience shipping thousands of packages across the USA. 

Terrariums - This category includes all glass terrariums, such as Exo Terra. All terrariums that are larger than 18" x 18" x 24" are shipped via residential delivery freight with lift gate only and is automatically calculated at checkout. If any other shipping method is chosen, the buyer will owe the Bio Dude the difference in shipping prior to the terrarium being sent out. The Dude will always fit as much on a pallet as safely and efficiently as possible to save you as much money as possible. Terrarium's are 100% covered by the Bio Dude. Any terrarium 18" x 18" x 24" or smaller is shipped via Fed Ex Ground. In the instance of a broken terrarium arriving, the Bio Dude needs to be contacted immediately so the proper claim can be submitted with Fed Ex. Due to the high cost of shipping, a full refund will be given if a tank comes in broken. The Bio Dude does not do reshipments on broken terrariums. 

Live Plants - The Bio Dude is unable to ship any plants to California.  The Bio Dude will have your plants wrapped individually in paper towels or butchers paper. They will always be packaged in their own box, separate from other products. If your temperatures or the Bio Dude's temperatures are under 40 degrees the Bio Dude will NOT guarantee live delivery on plants

Springtails - This covers all springtail cultures shipped via methods that are not Fed Ex Express. 

  • If shipped via Fed Ex Express 1 day, the Springtails are completely covered with a live arrival guarantee regardless of temperature. 
  • If shipped via any other means, such as USPS priority mail, Fed Ex Ground/Home Delivery springtail cultures have a live arrival guarantee as long as temperatures in your area are not lower than 30 degrees F or higher than 95 degrees F. 
  • Springtails are cultured on charcoal and sealed in a 6 ounce container. Upon arrival, if no springtails are noted in the culture the Bio Dude will ask you to open the culture for a few minutes, feed then reseal and wait for approximately 3 -5 days. With all live stages established in the culture eggs will hatch after arrival date with a whole new generation of springtails will be available. During transit, Carbon Dioxide can build up causing the adults to perish.
  • In the event the culture does not recuperate, the Bio Dude will offer a full refund of the culture at his discretion as long as all above guidelines are met with temperature and giving the culture the time to recuperate. 

Isopods - This covers all Isopods shipped via Fed Ex Express.

  • In the event of a DOA the bio dude must be notified within 2 hours after arrival.  We can be reached at customercare@thebiodude.com 
  • Claims made after this window will be denied. This is to prevent the bugs from sitting on a hot or cold porch for a few hours. 
  • The Bio Dude will require pictures of the carcasses of the deceased Isopods. 
  • Isopods are shipped in a 3 ounce deli container with moist paper towel and food. 

    Bioactive Kits - This covers all of our substrates and bioactive kits

    • Almost all BioDude kits will be shipped via Fed Ex Ground or Home Delivery M-F. Many of these kits are very large boxes and are very heavy. 
    • All Bio Dude Bioactive kits are TANKLESS. The tank is not included unless otherwise pictured and stated.  

    Bio Dude Reptile Kages - This covers all PVC enclosures shipped by reptilekages.com specifically built and available exclusively for thebiodude.com

    • Each cage is built after the order is placed. After completed and placed in box, each Kage will ship via UPS Ground or UPS LTL depending on size Kage purchased. Typical turnaround time for shipping each Reptile Kage is between 5-10 business days. We will always do our best to get them out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • All sizes are approximate.
    • Always use a thermostat and thermometer to monitor and regulate temperatures in your enclosure.
    • We do not recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in our enclosures. 
    • Each enclosure is handmade; visible variations or imperfections may be present however they have no effect on the functionality of the enclosure.
    • Once shipped, tracking will be provided within 24 hours via thebiodude.com 
    • Kages are shipped in the order in which they were received. At this time, we are unable to provide expedited shipping and construction time due to demand.
    • Each Kage ships 100% Free.
    • Invalid, incorrect or mis-inputted address' may result in an extra delivery fee. The Bio Dude Inc and Reptile Kages will not be held responsible for mis deliveries caused by the above. 
    • In the event of a damaged, broken or mis delivered Kage, reptilekages.com must be contacted within 24 hours of receiving shipment. Photos and videos will be requested to ensure viability of claim. After claim is placed with reptilekages.com, Reptile Kages will follow their policies to ensure the correct decision has been made. The Bio Dude, Inc is in no way responsible for mis-delivered, damaged or broken Kages. 
    •  We do not accept returns. 
    • Orders cannot be changed or modified after construction has begun. 
    • If you are having issues constructing your enclosure, feel free to reach out to us at customercare@thebiodude.com or reptilekages.com
    • Reptile Kages, Kages and reptilekages.com are all registered trademarks of Reptile Kages LLC. 

    Live Animals - This covers all Frogs and Lizards. Live arrival is guaranteed pending the following:

    • All frogs/lizards are sent via Fed Ex Express Overnight. No exceptions.
    • If temperatures drop 45 or exceed 85 the box must be held at your nearest Fed Ex Hub for pickup. If the box is not held at the hub the live arrival guarantee is void. 
    • I package with R60 insulation, cryopaks, UniHeat 72 hour heat packs, or ice packs depending on the destination climate.  
    • Package must be picked up within 30 minutes of arrival at the hub. The package must be brought inside immediately if delivered to your home address. 
    • If there is a DOA or a problem with your animal The BioDude must be contacted within 1 hour of delivery. I will require pictures of the packaging, animal, and all of the contents. If you contact me with a DOA after 1 hour post arrival it will not be covered. No exceptions.  

    All live animals purchased from The BioDude have a 3 day live and well guarantee pending husbandry. If you received an animal from me and it dies within 3 days I will require a picture of the animal, cage, humidity gauge, temperature gauge, and tank placement in the room. If I feel that this was user error and not a fault of The BioDude the animal will not be covered. 

    In the event that all guidelines are met and a DOA occurs a full refund or credit (of your choice) will be given. The BioDude holds the right to postpone, cancel, or hold any shipment due to inclement weather.  

    Defective Product Returns - If product arrives in unusable or defective condition, simply contact the Dude and we will get you taken care of with a refund or replacement. There may be a few cases in which the item must be returned to the Bio Dude. Certain manufacturer's will require exchanges directly through them, if applicable. Claims can be made 7 days within receiving window. Any claims after the 7 day period will unable to be claimed. 

    Non-Defective Product Returns - This category covers all items that arrived in good condition, but the customer no longer wants or needs those products. Customer is responsible for shipping product back to the Bio Dude. Upon product arrival and inspection a full refund for the product will be returned via payment method used with The Bio Dude. Products received as a return that are returned broken or damaged will not warrant a refund. Claims can be made 7 days within receiving window. Any claims after the 7 day period will unable to be claimed.   Plants and UVB bulbs are not able to be returned.

    Taking Bio Dude products into other countries -  Attempting to take Bio Dude products from the USA into Mexico, Canada or any other country is solely at the risk of the purchaser and the Bio Dude will not be held responsible for any sort of losses. 

    If you need further assistance feel free to contact the Dude's crew at customercare@thebiodude.com or call 717 305 0684 


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