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The Bio Dude - Dino Decor Dilophosaurus

Product Description

The Bio Dude  Dino Décor Dilophosaurus. These resin printed, terrarium safe decorative items are great for creating a natural looking aesthetic in your bioactive terrariums. While the exterior is smooth, it is also rougher on the inside/crevices which makes it ideal for sensitive root systems and moss to take hold and create a moss/plant covered Dino Skull. If partially covered in the substrate, it is also great to create a small hide for your smaller geckos, snakes and frogs.

The skull is on a "stand", but can easily be covered or utilized standing up, as is. The base is connected via two square connectors which can detach during shipping. This is not uncommon and simply plug back in place and it is good to go!

Size: 6.7” x 3” x 5.5”

$12.95 $14.95


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