Springtails and Isopods ONLY SHIP VIA FED EX EXPRESS 1 DAY

To place an order for springtails or isopods they must be the ONLY thing in your cart. Springtail and Isopod OVERNIGHT SHIPPING OF $39.95 must be selected for shipping. 

 If any other shipping method is selected your order will be cancelled or the bugs refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Live arrival Guarantee

  • Must be shipped via Fed Ex Express overnight - NO EXCEPTIONS. Packed in a styrofoam box with one phase change pack for temperature regulation. 
  • Bugs are 100% guaranteed when shipped overnight. 
  • If temperatures drop 45 or exceed 85 the box must be held at your nearest Fed Ex Hub for pickup. If the box is not held at the hub the live arrival guarantee is void. 
  • This is to prevent the death of these sensitive bugs during the stressful shipping and acclimation process. This is not only to help your tanks seed faster, but to offer clean, guaranteed cultures that will arrive to you the way they left the Dude's facility. 


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Springtail Grub 1 lb

Springtail Grub 1 lb


Sealed, 1 lb bag of TheBioDudes Springtail Grub. Formulated to be high in glycogen, yeast, and other important ingredients this mix is proven to provide large production in your springtail master cultures. Simply dust a small amount in your culture and watch them populate before your eyes. I mean, really, take it from TheDude...I know my stuff.  

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