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Kenyan Sand Boa Starter Plant Pack

Product Description

A handpicked selection of the Dude's best desert plants for Kenyan Sand Boas. The plants included in the kit can deal with being uprooted, tossed around and will thrive in the Bio Dude Terra Sahara BioActive substrate. 

These unique Boa's spend the majority of their lives hidden in plain sight. Many times their entire bodies will be submerged in the earth, leaving the fronts of their heads and eyes barely exposed for the ambush kill. The plants included can not only handle the weight of the snake but also handle the root systems getting tossed and turned. All plants are grown 100% organically with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. 

Included in this kit is:

4" Pot - Aloe plant

1 x 3" Pot - Cryptanthus/Earth Star plant

2 x 3" Pot - Dude's Choice arid (gasteria, haworthia, or aloe variety

Plant may be switched, due to availability, to similar plants. 



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