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California Kingsnake Plant Pack V2

Product Description

These inquisitive snakes require hardy, dense plants that can not only handle a beating, but also handle being uprooted, sat on and moved around. Kingsnakes in general, will make quick work of the Terra Firma and create a network of tunnels and burrows. It is important that the plants used in this setup will not only reinforce the tunnel systems with their extensive root systems, but also grow and become established themselves.  These plants can handle hotspots, humidity changes and can provide opportunity zones for your reptile. 

Included in this kit is: 

x1 4" Pot - Sanservia Snake Plant 

x1 3" Pot Croton

x1 4" Pot fern, Dude's Choice

x1 3" Pot Dude's Choice Arid (haworthia, aloe, or gasteria variety)

x1 Live Sheet Moss 

Plant may be switched, due to availability, to similar plants. 



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