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Rimless Paludarium UNS 45E + Bulkhead set 3.8 Gallons

Product Description

Ultum Nature Systems 45E

Expanding beyond the aquarium: Introducing the Ultum Nature Systems line of Rimless Glass Paludariums. Made with the same technology as our Rimless Glass Aquariums, the Paludarium emanates the premium quality and look our customers love and trust. 

Water meets land - Discover new plant species, explore new scaping styles and try your hand at creating thriving ecosystems that hybridize terrestrial and aquatic elements. Get ready to test your green thumb. UNS Paludariums open the door to new plant display opportunities.

+ 45° Mitered Edges 
+ 91% Clarity with Diamant Glass

+ High Quality German Silicon 
+ Laser Etched Logo

Length: 17.71"
Depth: 11.02"
Height (Back Panel): 11.02"
Height (Front Panel): 4.53"
Glass thickness: 5mm
Volume: 3.8 gallons

Ultra-Clear Low Iron

Black Leveling Mat
White Hole Plug

Additional Accessories:
Bulkhead fitting (to connect to filter inflow/outflow)

Bulkhead fitting allows the Paludarium to be plumbed up to a Delta 30, 60, 90 Canister Filter

Additional Optional Accessories:
Bulkhead Set for backside holes (2x fittings to connect to filter inflow/outflow)

The bulkhead fittings will allow the Paludarium to work in conjunction with the following canister filters:

Delta 60



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