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Tropical Cork Background

Product Description

The Bio Dude TROPICAL style cork back background. Multiple sizes available. Great for all bioactive habitats and will create an amazing background with your living terrarium.

  • REAL CORK BARK pressed into a flat sheet great for natural looking terrariums and vivariums
  • TEXTURED BACKGROUND holds roots for epiphytic plants like pothos or bromeliads
  • MOISTURE RESISTANT and will hold up in humid environments

Cork is perfect for bioactive vivarium because it is anti-microbial and moisture resistant. This  allows it to hold up well in humid environments. These cork sheets are great for use as a background because they can be cut, are lightweight, and other decorations can easily be mounted on them such as airplants, bromeliads and other epiphytes.

These virgin cork sheets are produced by applying a layer of virgin cork to an agglomerated cork sheet (which is made from the leftovers of the cork-making process pressed together). This results in a more uniform look and texture unlike unpressed cork bark. Cork sheets have more elasticity and tensile strength. Due to its mechanical and physical characteristics, this product that can be used for all types of decorative and landscape projects.

Before coming to your home, the cork particles have undergone a sterilization process before binding so that they do not bring unwanted hitchhikers with them. No synthetic materials are used in this process and the treated products are 100% safe and clean for your pets!



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