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Terrarium Background Kit Small

Product Description

The Dude's all in one bioactive terrarium custom background kit. The small kit contains enough material to create a 10 gallon vertical or horizontal or 12 x 12 x 18 terrarium background. This kit includes everything you need to create your own personal, inspirational work of art using the Dude's background method. Instill planters, create cork backdrops and more 3D landscape options available to you with this kit. The Dude's background blend will create a one of a kind texture that not only maintains a safe pH, but also will hold an appropriate amount of moisture for plant roots to take hold. 

Please note: the sealant pictured may not be the brand that you receive. It is very hard to get black expanding foam so manufacturer's vary.

Terrarium Background Kit  Size SMALL Includes:

Expanding Insulating Foam (BLACK) 12 oz x1 can

Aquarium Safe Silicone (CLEAR) 10.2 OZ  x1 Tube 

Net pots 2" (BLACK) x2

Cork Bark Flat 4"-6" x2 

The Bio Dude Background Blend 6 quarts x1

Due to the silicone and expanding foam we are unable to ship this kit via any other means except GROUND or Home Delivery. USPS, Express or Air is not available. Due to the varying nature of creativity you may have excess material left over. 



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