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The Bio Dude Soil Cal Plus CaCO3

Product Description
The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus (CaCO3) is an essential Bio Dude substrate supplement for bioactive enclosures and live plants. Throughout the life of your substrate essential minerals can be quickly depleted of calcium by a clean up crew, such as isopods or springtails. Substrate containing calcium is also important for commonly kept pet millipedes, earwigs, isopods and springtails. Calcium is important for cellular health in plants as well as maintain soil alkalinity, soil salinity and helps maintain the proper chemical balance.  The Bio Dude's Soil Cal Plus will help add much needed bioavailable calcium, minerals, and trace elements back into a depleted substrate or to benefit plants that require more calcium utilization. Soil Cal Plus can also be utilized for neonatal amphibians sprayed directly on the substrate for calcium substrate enrichinment.
This is not for dusting of feeder insects or for calcium bowls. Not for human or animal consumption!
To use, simply sprinkle a small amount into your soil and mix. Approximately 3 pinches per 6 quarts of Bio Dude substrate. Thoroughly mix, mist and watch the results! Best to use every 2-3 months after terrarium is established. 
Water Mixes: For 32 ounces of room temperature water, simply mix in 1 tablespoon and mix thoroughly. Directly spray plants in vivarium or for home use! Great for using on potted plants that need that Calcium boost! Do not directly spray your animals with Soil Cal Plus. 
Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate 




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