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6x6" Supergrow

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Note: This is not the matala brand featured on the YouTube video, but a different manufacturer with a slightly different material, but works and functions exactly the same as depicted on the video. The only difference - Video shows 1" thick while SuperGrow is .75" thick.

Introducing the Bio Dude's new take on vivarium drainage, SuperGrow is a great alternative to HydroGrow drainage layer and should be utilized with Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioDude BioActive terrariums.  Almost weightless, SuperGrow provides necessary strength to hold all substrates, rocks, or other bulky items without disrupting the efficacy of the drainage layer. Being very porous and composing of heavy, dense fiber-plastic/mesh material SuperGrow allows water to easily pass through it, without trapping stagnant water pockets in your drainage layer. SuperGrow can be easily cut, bent, or manipulated to whatever size or shape that you prefer, but will not compress. With it's unique texture and design, SuperGrow allows enough air exchange to encourage positive bacteria growth which acts as a natural biological filtration for your water area or drainage area  in your vivarium.

It is recommended to purchase two layers for a full drainage layer to provide a 1.5" deep drainage layer.

SuperGrow can also be utilized for Paludariums instead of HydroBalls or rocks. With it's unique texture it works excellent for shingling plants to root, take hold, and grow. Depending on the vivarium, SuperGrow is great for terraria backgrounds if attempting to establish shingling plants such as creeping fig. It is as simple as fitting it into place, no silicone needed!

BioDude substrates will not fall through the SuperGrow. The Bio Dude's SuperGrow  can be stacked with no problems, and even used to create a water ledge as seen in the above video. 



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