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Natural Bamboo Stalks - 10 PCS - Assorted Sizes/Width

Product Description

Ethically sourced, collected and ready to use Bamboo Stalks for your bioactive terrarium habitat. These natural stalks are great for clean up crew such as isopods, springtails, earwings, earthworms and other forms of clean up crew. The fibrous nature also makes them a microbial hot spot that is great for substrate additions. We recommend mixing them into your substrate or using them as vivarium decor pieces. They are also a great food source for many detrivores. Due to their size using them with larger lizards, such as Phelsuma Grandis may not be the best option due to their varying size.

Packaged loose in an 8" x 20" mylar bag with a total of 10 assorted sizes of Natural Bamboo Stalks. The minimum width of each stalk is no thinner than a human pinky finger(0.25")   and no thicker than 1.5". Lengths will vary from 4" - 12" and is always the Dude's choice. Some of them may be hollow while some of them will not be. We have no control over which units may be hollow vs non-hollow.

Being a natural product, it is still recommended to either bake or boil these stalks to prevent any type of unwanted invader(s).



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