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4" Pot Bird's Nest Fern Victoria

Product Description


-Care Recommendations By The Dude-

Best for These Animals: Small amphibians and reptiles, especially small arboreal (tree-dwelling) frogs.

Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, TerraFirma

Soil Depth: All soil depths with proper drainage

Lighting: Low to medium

Humidity & Misting: 40%-100% / Suggested

Mature Plant Size & Root System: These easy-to-grow ferns have sturdy fronds that will keep flushing growth from the center, creating a "Bird's Nest" appearance of foliage. The Victoria variety, in particular, often has "ruffles" on the fronds.  A very shallow fibrous root system allows for a surprising amount of anchorage with this fern, so it can be mounted on wood or backgrounds, as well as in substrate.

Temperature Tolerance & Placement in the Terrarium: Too high temperatures or low humidity may cause leaves to brown.  Best used as a front (low) groundcover, underplanting, or mounted (only in high humidity conditions). 

Edible & Side Effects if Ingested: Non-toxic if consumed, though these are typically used for ornamental, not edible, purposes

Pot Size & Packaging: A single 4" potted plant is shipped in the pot wrapped in paper.



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