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Herbivore Plant Pack

Product Description

Keeping Herbivore and Omnivore reptiles as pets can sometimes be a challenging, daunting endeavor. One must take extra precautions to ensure the plants are properly grown, ethically sourced and most of all clean of any residual substances. The Bio Dude is proud to offer clean, ready to establish plants that are able to be consumed at will, by your reptiles. This not only nurtures the instinctual foraging these animals may do in the wild, but it also provides enrichment for these intelligent animals. 

A keeper should be prepared to replace these plants every few months as the point of this kit is to let them get eaten and destroyed. Even better if they pick them down to the roots and let them grow back! 

Included in this kit is: 

6" Pot - Spineless Opuntia Cactus 

2 x 4" Pot - Crassula Jade or Elephant Feed plant

2 x 4" Pot - Aloe plant 

3" Pot - Assorted aloe

 Plant may be switched, due to availability, to similar plants. 



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