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4" Pot Dracaena Lemon Surprise

Product Description


Common Name: Dracaena

Scientific Name: Dracaena sp.

-Care Recommendations by The Dude-

Best for These Animals: Dart frogs, chameleons, anoles, tree skinks, corn snake, ball python, and various arboreal (tree-dwelling) reptiles and amphibians.

Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, TerraFirma

Soil Depth: All soil depths with proper drainage; soil depth of several inches preferred.

Lighting: Low to medium, or bright indirect light. May burn under a basking or heat light.

Humidity & Misting: 40%-100% suggested.

Mature Plant Size & Root System: These easy-to-grow tropical plants generally grow upright and are excellent in taller terrariums, or even just as good houseplants! Different varieties can grow several feet tall, and may require pruning if they begin to outgrow your tank. Cutting back these plants will encourage new growth further down on the stalks.

Mature root systems can weave their way throughout a terrarium’s substrate in extreme cases, but can be cut back if necessary without damaging the plant. The roots are not strong enough to damage a tank. It prefers moist, but well-drained, soil.

Temperature Tolerance & Placement in the Terrarium: Too high temperatures/low humidity may cause leaves to brown. Prefers areas where it can grow taller and upwards. 

Edible & Side Effects if Ingested: Mildly toxic to cats and dogs if consumed. Not generally consumed by amphibians or reptiles.

Pot Size & Packaging: A single 4" potted dracaena plant is shipped in the pot wrapped in paper.




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