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Isopod Paperback Bark 6 qt

Product Description

This is by far one of the most utilized biodegradeables in The Bio Dude's facility. This stuff is the beez neez for microfauna. It's porous, lightweight, long lasting, stringy nature makes it long lasting in the vivarium and an excellent food source for earwigs, springtails and isopods. The stringy, fibrous nature of the Paperback bark provides the perfect consistency for organic nutrition for your Bio Dude bioactive substrate. The Bio Dude uses this bark in many of my neonatal reptile grow outs as it creates small feeding stations. Simply pull, shake and watch all your springtails and isopods fall right off of it. When utilizing in a vivarium place the bark right on top of the substrate and mix if desired, then add your leaf litter and watch your microfauna flourish.

Harvested ethically and legally in California, USA.

Each 6 quart bag will have between 4-6 pieces and will weigh 4-6 ounces!




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