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A complete self sustaining, self cleaning ecosystem for your snakes. These tankless bioactive snake terrarium kits include everything that you need to create a natural, organic, living environment for your snakes. Each substrate retains the proper moisture, retains tunnels and burrows to make your slippery friends feel at home. Don't see your species? Just ask!

These advanced snake habitat kits include everything you need to go Bioactive. They include an upgraded plant light (the Bio Dude’s Glow and Grow instead of the Solar Grow), more plants, wood and carry a higher price point (but bigger discount) than the Bio Dude’s basic species specific bioactive kits. Great if you are looking to get started with Bioactive and snakes!

Bioactive Snake Terrarium Kits

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North American Garter Snake BioActive Kit

North American Garter Snake BioActive Kit


A complete self-cleaning, self-maintaining bioactive terarium kit for North American Garter Snakes. These agile snakes are found all over the United States and boast some of the most colorful snakes on the planet. Foraging in the wild for fish, rodents and even small birds these snakes are very active, destructive and need plenty of places to bu...

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